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SAHYADRI COLLEGE OF FIRE ENGINEERING AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT is situated in the heart of city at Nashik in very Natural and quiet atmosphere. Nashik is known as a historical and devotional city which is one of the most beautiful city in Maharashtra, where new educational and technical developments are going on at a rapid pace. Nashik has always concentrated on the quality of education.

We know that education is the fundamental requirement for the complete development of individuals. As we grow, we will expand into new technologies. In order to provide skilled and trained professionals in the field of engineering and management, SAHYADRI COLLEGE OF FIRE ENGINEERING AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT has been founded.

Since last eleven years, we have seen a tremendous progress in up-gradation of fire services & growth in fire engineering. In order to bring sharp focus on the necessity to efficiently and effectively channelize the manpower of the country, Fire, Safety, Health and Environment are the issues of prime and implied concerns among this new breed. This is the very reason which places a premium on well trained young men and women possessing superior skills in these areas. It is to impart this relevant education to the young men and women that the specialized educational programs are being offered by SCFESM. The educational programs being offered by SCFESM are based on contemporary theory and practicals and provide strong conceptual foundations to those aspiring rewarding careers and high position jobs in these new fields. SCFESM's track record of excellence is impeccable.

The current requirements of Fire, Safety and Security education (FSS Education) are shaped by the New World Industrial order, economic, technological and legal factors. SAHYADRI COLLEGE OF FIRE ENGINEERING & SAFETY MANAGEMENT (SCFESM) is a professional institute that seeks to better society by developing leaders in the world of practical of business community. Our goal is to be first a National and then an International leader in the chosen field of education recognized by the business and academic communities.

Mission Vision

  • To establish as one of the premier Institution of fire engineering and safety management with MSBET affiliation in India.
  • To pursue for attaining and imparting the highest national standard of teaching and training in the field of Fire Engineering and Safety Management.
  • To create awareness of "The quality of Life protection" through fire safety training programs.
  • To induce life-long learning knowledge skills, for social and personal development.


  • To develop high academic standards and quality of education for its programs so as to extend limitations beyond traditional classroom situations.
  • To create through effective education, training and research, a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines.
  • To assist in development of new methods and process of fire engineering services, skills and analytical techniques.
  • To develop managerial/leadership abilities and analytical skills, training, communication with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities.
  • To promote placements in various industries/organizations.
  • To create awareness about Fire & precautions to be taken to avoid mishaps due to Fire.
  • To enhance expertise of mankind in using machines and allied equipments more effectively during Fire, excess environmental pollution and hazards associated with them.
  • To minimize losses of life and property due to Fire by producing skilled professionals who can stand by firmly during calamities.
  • To carve out trained professionals to fulfill the necessity of a full fledged Safety and Environment control Department, as this is now felt by emerging competitive environment industries and businesses.